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Art is not what you see ,

but what you make

others see...

Edgar Degas

Dear Guest,

Hereby on above I present myself with one of my last Work " Untold Story about Walk for Three"


Did I caught your interest?


Down lower my artpage you can see some of my Latest Works, Something from Archive and Artistic CV.


Please note, most of the Works presented here are not aviable for sale anymore. By the principle of UNIQUE ART , I´m not creating copies of my Paintings.

Are you curious, inspired or... ?

Contact me here or via Facebook : Morfeus Art Copenhagen


Best regards Morfeus

Latest art achievements

"Come... I save you..."

Acrylic / Canvas Size 100x80

" ...little bird singing about YOU"


Acrylic / Canvas Size : 100 x80



Gallerie Knud Grothe Charlottenlund - 2016



Acrylic / Canvas Size 80 x100

" The hidden treasure"


Acrylic / Canvas Size 100 x100



Gallerie workshop Christianshavn


January 2014 - Marts 2014

" Untitled"



...what is bad for you'r Heart is Good for you'r ART.....

Unknown artist



...vision is the art of seenig what is invisible for other's...

Jonathan Swift



"Free Fly of Full Moon"



Sala Gilberto Ramiorez, Mexico

La Filosofia del Juego- Philosophy of Game

January 2013- February 2013

IXTAB Art Studio Copenhagen Praying Doll's


August 2012- September 2012

" Grey Water "


Acrylic / canvas

Size 120x100


"...if she's amazing, she won't be easy...

if she's easy, she won't be

amazing... "


Bob Marley

Gallery MIB Copenhagen " Beautiful Beast's"

May 2012- June 2012

Something from Archive ..and something from new's